1. Sunday, October 18, 2020

    for the last few weekends i’ve locked my phone up 

    and stayed off of social media.

    but this weekend because of the Dodgers, and because part of my job at Los Angeleno is to do the Twitter and the Facebook, i couldn’t just let it rot during this very important weekend

    it’s valuable to be part of the city-wide conversation.

    but ive gotta tell you, i got so little done.

    im working on this little tiny side project which is sucking my time away and i barely got any done this weekend

    mostly because if i have that phone on and people are talking nonsense about this topic or that one

    i will go in and slap em upside the head.

    im not sure how useful this is because who knows it might be a bot im fighting with

    and its not even that fulfilling any more because ive been doing it for years

    but i will just stare at that stupid thing.

    next weekend and the weekend after imma put it away again.

    it’s just not worth it.

    fun baseball and football game today

    bears are 5-1.

    worst team ive ever seen go 5-1.