I accept blocked calls

I’ll talk to strangers

I give money to the homeless

I’ll eat my chicken boneless.

When I first started working at the Oscars my niece was all do you know any YouTube stars

I’ve stopped drinking at bars.

We’ve had the highest infection rates all year

But because it’s Halloween all the pretty IG models are having parties

Dressing up

Drinking shots.

Never stop.

I’ll take a spam risk call.

Who cares any more.

That’s another person on the line another soul, another baby everyone gathered round when they were brought home

Another hope for the future.

Anthony? They always ask. Never Tony. That’s when you know it’ll be good.

Anthony I’m from mumble mumble echo

Where did you say?

Oh I’m from muffle mumble.

You try.

I try.

But answering these calls aren’t gonna make you any friends.

Plus you can’t even come over for pinochle. Cant do shit.

Why isn’t our President telling us about doctors and nurses around the land saving all these lives.

Everyone says oh sure millions got it but what about the death rate

As if they’re healing on their own.

No one heals on their own.

But I’ll keep answering the phone.