1. Saturday, October 10, 2020

    the other day my buddys brother died 

    and it reminded me how fleeting life is and how we should truly milk it for all it is

    walk that extra block

    say hi to that extra person

    write that one extra email telling that loved one how important they have been to you.

    when will we say that?

    should there be a day?

    shouldnt there be one day where we say i know i havent talked with you in a few years but your picture still hangs on my wall and i think about you all the time, fondly?

    we facebook twitter instagram youtube

    but we’re always looking for that new follower that new friend that new thing.

    i think it’s ok to reach back a little and say, you helped me get here, and you were one of the really good parts of my weird journey.

    related: these kids were 9-10. that was THIRTY years ago.

    these kids are all turning FORTY

    i thank God for allowing me to be placed on this planet because it’s the craziest experience ever

    which is why i try to write it all down because people in Heaven are not gonna believe it.