1. Tuesday, October 20, 2020

    went to the americana at brand today 

    believe it or not i was looking for a brownie.

    am i pregnant? probably.

    im sure men can get random cravings too. but this was severe

    typically im a cheapskate and if i want something i can talk my way out of it by saying dude those are so expensive

    for example while i was there i strolled past a Tesla dealer.

    theyre in the malls y’all.

    i have been watching a lot of youtube videos about them, and last month when we ordered a lyft, we got picked up by one.

    they seem incredible.

    naturally the $35k version gets magically turned into $50k after tax if you want the cool features like Self Driving Mode and Bigg Ass Batterryy

    it was dead at the mall so i went in and talked to the nice woman who answered all of my questions

    you can tell when people truly know their shit

    and those who are faking.

    serena was not faking.

    she was wearing a mask i was wearing a mask

    she said, so can i schedule a test drive for you?

    i said absolutely not!

    she laughed and said why not

    i said cuz then i’ll buy it!

    walked past the amazon store and then the apple store

    i tried to thank the manager there who helped me the day before the store had to shut down

    apple has always been great.

    nearly bought a cupcake while looking for brownies

    at that cupcake atm

    but it looked like it had covid all over the buttons and the drape.

    then i met this woman and asked if i could take her picture

    nobody says no to a man in a Cubs cap.