do you know i love you, i do

over the past few days ive been the subject of the interview, which is weird for me, but ok

and when you dont really know whats coming you end up giving the weirdest examples in your answers

it’s also made me very grateful for the good life ive had

one guy was all, why arent you a millionaire by now?

and he would let up.

i was all, uh… that wasnt my goal?

one of the things i learned quickly when i moved to LA was there were some people who handled being hugely financially successful like that extremely well

but then there were the large majority that couldnt

youd go to college with their kids and even the kids would have really unhealthy relationships with money

so early on i was all

follow the love.

so ive worked at a gas station, ive sold beers at a baseball stadium, and i drove uber

of course ive had normal jobs also, but

if i was worth like a few million dollars would i really drive uber? it’s not particularly safe

as my mom would remind me nearly every night i did it.

and i did it for like five years.

also when you do the things you love you just feel better… physically.

the job i hated the most id be sick all the time, i even had to go to the doctor because it was so worrisome

and he said, you’re puking blood not because youre sick, that job just sucks.

turned out he was right.

i miss that doctor.

so yes, walking down memory lane with these people has made me grateful not just of the gigs but the people i got to work with.

most of my stories and fond memories are about what other people did or what other people taught me, usually indirectly.

i should write a book.