1. Monday, November 23, 2020

    over 6,000 

    today the LA county public health department said that they just confirmed over 6,000 new covid cases.

    a few months back i was uptight because there were several days in a row with over 2,000. then i started listing them

    in july i started giving bigger lists.

    but now we are past 6,000?

    i stay home now.

    which will be hard but with my luck both donald trumps get the rona and survive, but i die.

    the problem is the pretty girl.

    she wants to be out every day, she wants to go on her walks.

    i dont even want to look out the window now.

    i want everything delivered. i want the blinds shut.

    i will miss you, outside world.

    but i have found my number.