someone complimenting my review of old jobs asked

“yo tony, why are you doing all of this on IG instead of on your blog?”

and the answer is easy: because it’s harder on IG.

you have a finite number of characters on an instagram caption, and you can only put 10 pics in there.

also people don’t like reading long captions.

also you get no SEO juice.

also you can’t link.

therefore it’s a bigger challenge, which i don’t shy away from. some of my favorite gigs were tough challenges. who celebrates after beating children in a backyard basketball game? isn’t it more of a success when you win at something where you were the underdog?

likewise, i love all these people who have all these opinions about things who either never kicked ass at those things or dont do them at all. for example, do you have any idea how many people told me that blogs mean this that or the other — when they never had a blog?

or people who said LAist should be this way or the LA Times should be this way or omg the Academy should never do that on it’s Twitter.

and this is from people who have never done anything in blogging or social.

so yes, if you tell me something is impossible to do on Facebook or “no way can you get hits on the weekend.” not only am i gonna do it but imma get so many hits on a weekend ON facebook that either you will shut the hell up

or never doubt me again.

be the exception to every rule.

do epic shit on instagram.

break the rules for the sake of breaking them AND so others can see that limitations are all in our minds, placed in there not by he who loves us, but the adversary.

i have seen too many teams, people, and things, that have been written off to the scrap yard, come back to kick ass.

be the next one they sleep on.

then tell your story everywhere.