i think ive figured out my problem

when people ask rhetorical questions on Twitter, i think they’re talking to me.

so i answer.

and when i see videos of people struggling to make it in LA,

i want to help.

but here are the two things that come to my mind when i see something like this guy who drove here

and sleeps in his car and wakes up and does delivery for Postmates and Uber Eats

if i had a backyard guest house, and i let him live there, doesn’t that ruin his shitch?

but i also think, how excellent would it be if everyone treated everyone like that

because who, then, wouldn’t want to vagabond the crust

and sleep in peoples backyard man caves?

they say the problem with Libras are our minds are tooooo open.

there are too many options and possibilities.

that it’s hard to make a choice.

but maybe because im on the scorpio cusp, i dont have that problem

i usually know what i want.

i want to help.

i sent him some money and my email address.

he’s doing a lot of things totally wrong

but he’s also seeing things that most of us take for granted like venice, the hollywood reservoir (i havent even been there), the free showers at the beach.

it’s funny though. right now COVID is whalloping LA and amber, finally, is understanding the magnitude, so she’s paranoid to go to the post office.


so i told her we should just taskrabbit it. hire someone $20 to go to the post office for us.

“i dont wanna make someone else get COVID because i didnt wanna go out there.”

but then i saw this guy and i was all, fuckit, just get him to do it. he’s already out there.

and who couldn’t use $20 for such a simple task?

i could probably also give him some extra pillows and a coat.

towels. who knows.

it’s Christmas.