1. Wednesday, December 16, 2020

    when i was i school they made us read robinson crusoe 

    it starts off with Robinson Crusoe’s dad telling him to always take the middle path

    meaning dont do the craziest most dangerous thing

    and dont be so boring and conservative that you miss everything

    and i always thought, well thats all fine and good

    but aint nobody begging to hear the story of Robinson Crusoe Sr.

    tell us about this kid.

    tell us about his adventures and how he escaped sure death and shipwrecks,

    show us how he outsmarted pirates, wolves

    and cannibals.

    tell us about the time he saved people.

    i grew up loving outsiders because as the only black kid in town, i was the biggest outsider ever.

    i had a huge afro and the energy of three suns.

    where was i gonna hide?

    so i loved mike royko, harry caray and this morning kid show host ray rayner who made bad crafts and needed little pockets to hold the notes about the announcements he was to read.

    it’s really too bad that nothing in the busblog is true because

    can you imagine if in here i told the real tales of what ive seen

    and done

    living in hollywood

    these last 19 years

    east of western?

    if anything it was that struggle between

    trying to take the middle road

    but fighting back the robinson crusoe.

    i didn’t move to watch everybody else live lives worth writing down.

    in fact, please direct me to the cannibals and wolves,

    i have questions.

    so many questions.