today the capitol police let an angry mob invade congress

everyone knew they were coming.

the president said he was looking forward to seeing everyone there.

and they showed up and for some reason the national guard wasnt there waiting

for some reason the few capitol police who could do anything opened the gates and let them in

then when they were inside the cops didnt say much other than

happy new year

then hell broke loose

then all of congress had to hide

one congresslady was in a room with a bunch of republicans and they werent wearing masks

so she was all, excuse me, im going to go to a worse hiding place

with less room, but at least i’ll be around people with masks.

four people died.

one lady died because she was trying to bust through and a cop just shot her. dead.

another guy accidentally tasered himself and got a heart attack.

which is why i say this to you:

i love you.

im sorry im not always there for you.

im sorry im a fucking weirdo times infinity.

im sorry that i might freak out and freak people out sometimes

but what we all learned today was some people can get away with anything they want

they can go into secure areas, scale walls, assault officers

waltz into the speaker of the house’s anteroom and steal her mail.

and then walk back to their comped fancy hotel room.

what we learned is i am not one of those people who gets away with much.

which is ok.

today amber was all, im realizing you have a hard life.

i said nah.

she said yeah.

i said hard is sleeping in a tent right now under the hollywood freeway.

or worse:

wishing you had a tent.