the reason i ask if you know i love you is because

secretly i volunteer at a pop-up confessional

and as people confess their sins to me in the darkness two underlying themes exist

– they feel unloved or undeserving of love

– they don’t recognize actual love when it’s right in front of them.

now part of this has to do with hollywood and books and a lack of a good education in public schools

something as important as love should be taught better, and in more than a few classes in elementary and high school.

but it isnt

we have to guess. we have to ask our friends. and our friends dont know. so we read about it but those people are selling books. so we watch sixteen candles and sex in the city and porn and true hollywood stories

but none of them get to the root. none of them teach you the actual dynamics.

if love was a house most of us would be homeless

is what we think.

but thats so untrue.

the sun comes up every morning out of love.

the birds pollinate and photosynthesis occurs due to crazy love.

scratch your skin and watch it heal

work out and feel your muscles grow

talk to someone and hear what they know

love love love love.

but we are taught that love is this or that and comes with this thing or that


the things are not the thing.

we know this and yet valentines day is coming and its all about the things

that is not love.

love is staring in their eyes and not thinking about your phone

or the boiling kettle

or the upcoming bills

or any of the minutiae

love is that instant

it’s why we are alive.

and what will be gone

when we croak.

and now you know i love you,

because i do.