do you know ive been doing this nearly 20 years?

how is anything possible?

how is it that this is even alive?

how is it that im even alive?

do you know the things ive done that i havent written in here?

10 years ago next month i nearly died in vegas, like seriously

and i Believe that life is a nice combo of Free Will and Divine Intervention

i think if God or the angels see that we are doing the right thing or our hearts are good and we make THE WORST CHOICE,

he will look out for us.

and if we are smart we will never make that mistake again.

but i also think God wants us to try things. he wants us to stretch out of our comfort zone.

i believe this for a few reasons: first because it feels good, second because thats how we grow, and third because nearly every great story in the Bible is about people stretching.

and then they are rewarded.

when Abraham listened and nearly sacrificed Isaac, when Noah did the outrageousness by trusting and building a giant ark, when (a disguised) Joseph asked his brothers to go get his younger brother… then theres the disciples who dropped what they were doing to follow Jesus.

they all were rewarded for making those out of the ordinary choices, and in doing so they were leading by example.

none of those things were on the Content Calendar, which is why i dont believe in the Content Calendar.

to me the Content Calendar is for trying to look organized for someone else.

because you dont feel confident in your own job.

trust yourself.

and if you dont feel confident then think about why you are listening to the radio station in your head that’s not playing your favorite songs.

i like to hear those old standards “tony you fucking rule” and “tony omg yes!”

all those sad songs about how im too this or not enough that are wickety wickety wack as kris kross used to say.

im here to be a better version than i was last year, which hopefully was better than the year before

and the only way to do that is to


and that starts in the mind.