1. Monday, January 25, 2021

    i did good today 

    got a lot of work done

    sold a magazine for $16 on ebay and mailed it off

    talked to my mom

    drove to a dollar store and bought a giant sweet potato for $2.50

    made mashed potatoes with the potato

    added peas and Impossible burger

    wrote emails

    danced in the hallway next to the radiator

    watched very little tv

    put up some hooks in the shower

    took a shower


    got in 3,000 steps

    registered to give blood tomorrow

    thought of some incredible ideas for this project.

    figured out some things this company’s competitors are doing dead wrong that they can exploit.

    applied at another company if this thing doesnt pan out.

    played with the cats

    blogged. which is def an accomplishment because this month ive blogged nearly every day so far this year, which i hadn’t done in the januaries of any of the past most recent years.