1. Monday, January 4, 2021

    i had a hard time sleeping last night 

    shouldnt i?

    death is literally around every corner.

    i was at the store last week and i heard someone sneeze and i darted in the opposite direction like it was a shotgun blast

    on that trip i also got a covid test in a church parking lot and today they called

    but because it was coming from some 714 area code i was all, pass.

    they left a message saying they had my test results and i should call back.

    i was scared to death! i had been up all night with constipation, and then the opposite and when i wake up in the middle of the night i have a hard time going back to sleep, especially with the world imploding

    so i called back asap and they were all, you’re good.

    and i wanted to yell: couldn’t you just have texted me that? or emailed? or left that on the message?

    why make me call back? i know its a medical thing, but if there’s not a virus, it’s not medical. it’s nothing. it’s the opposite of Anything.

    let me check a box off on the form where I let you text me a big thumbs up if im negative.

    life doesnt need to be hard.

    life is hard enough.

    thank God i have Tums and the Lord above looking out for me when im dumb enough to leave my home.

    no more home leaving for a while.