NFL to Black head coaches: drop dead

70% of NFL players are Black. 30% of the assistant coaches are Black.

Recently there were 7 head coach vacancies. All but one has been filled. Those 6 were filled by white coaches.

This genius was one of them.

Of the last 20 head coach vacancies only one was filled by a Black man.

It’s impossible for me to believe that of those who were interviewed for the Lions job, they don’t see this video

and ask *That* guy beat me out for the gig?

Detroit gave this guy a six-year contract even though he has never been a head coach before in the league.

The person who probably said WTF the loudest was the Chiefs’ Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who last year helped lead KC to the Super Bowl. For the last two years he has applied for every open Head Coach job and has been told, yeah no.

Fun fact: In the history of the NFL, Black head coaches have a higher winning percentage than white head coaches. But who’s counting.