1. Sunday, January 3, 2021

    today the 101 cafe was shut down forever 

    it was a throwback to all things mid century modern

    on the ground floor of best western

    at the foot of the hollywood hills

    next to the 101 hollywood freeway.

    it looked exactly like a place your grandparents ate breakfast at when they were dating


    usually packed with hipsters,

    jet setters,

    and locals,

    i know i ate there at least four or five times but not one memory of the food or the company come to mind.

    it was perfectly fine in every way.

    i dont even remember there being any issues parking, which is saying something in that part of town.

    its shutting down


    i wonder if best western thinks how hard is it to make eggs and bacon

    sandwiches and whatnot?

    i wonder if they think just any old thing would work in there

    just because of the legend and momentum

    just keep everything looking the same,

    lease it out to film productions until everyone has a vaccine

    and then find a young chef who knows how to make avocado toast

    and mimosas

    and call it a day?

    put like a mini starbucks in there or something

    is that what someones thinking up in corporate?

    or worse are they thinking about making it a starbucks

    plug and play

    bing bam boom

    bobs yr uncle

    but heres the problem with that

    lorde and sally draper arent gonna wanna chill at the starbucks under the best western

    which, i hate to say it

    was one of the nice things about that place

    even the stars loved it there even though theyd probably get seen.

    that sort of joint is rare here.

    no offense