1. Friday, January 15, 2021

    took a long walk on a long pier today 

    heres the thing about life in general

    you can complain in your blog if you want but the more you look around

    the more you read about people and watch on video

    and holograms and ESP and fourth dimension vibrations

    the more you realize you just might have it a little better than a lot of them

    so stop whining.

    took a long walk through some of the nice houses in los feliz

    it was 88 degrees, soon to be 90

    so everyone was out which was sad because i had to keep crossing from this sidewalk to that one

    to avoid ppl

    but there were some blocks where there wasnt a soul

    and i pulled down my mask and breathed it all in

    and it was flowers blossoming from chopped off tree limbs

    it was cookies being baked through an open window

    it was weed being toked at a construction site.

    is it terribly dangerous to go outside right now here in LA?


    but is it rewarding if you survive?

    no comment.