why we need weirdos in the world

a while back i was not allowed to do the job that i was qualified for, in part because the gatekeeper said

i was “too wild west”

it shocked me a little because i have been fighting my whole life to keep my beating heart inside my body

and try to fit in.

meanwhile ive worked around people who had no problem yelling non-pc names at others and doing crazy things.

and watched as they thrived.


but when this person told me that all i could say was, but my results were wildly good.

and the person could not disagree.

today i was watching church, because, duh, most crazy people like me love the bible. and the sunday school pastor was trying to describe John the Baptist to the kids. she said he was a bit odd in that he wore shirts made of camel hair and ate grasshoppers and bees.

“but when Jesus wanted to get baptized, people thought, who was holy enough to do it?” and voila they thought about how Jesus and John were related and when John was still in his mommas womb, he lept when he heard Mary talk about Jesus.

he was Jesus’s hype man in utero.

often the PR machine, the biggest fan, the fanatic, is not going to be the one who is cool calm and collected

he or she is going to be the one living the dream, talking that talk, walking that walk, truly enraptured in the spirit.

let the CEO or the accountants sit on their hands, but if you’re lucky enough to have someone so committed to what you or your company is all about that they’ll literally lose their head for you

then let that person do his damn thing.

in Jesus’ case it was to baptise him.

and if you remember, when John lived up to his name and baptized Jesus, “Heaven was opened and [Jesus] saw the spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him. Then a voice said from heaven, ‘This is my own dear son with whom I am pleased.’”

Sometimes the weirdo is exactly the man for the job.