tomorrow theyre going after trump one last time

it’s the trial of his second impeachment. the sequel.

but unlike the first one, this one is going to be in a senate where the dems are the majority.

they say trump isnt going to show up and thats too bad because under oath it would be fascinating to watch him do his best to tell the truth.

i dont know why they didnt ask me to help him get on the stand because i could do it easily.

macho men HATE being called out, especially by women.

if i was the dems i would have all the female members of congress who he has insulted and disrespected, and i would have them make a little video.

it would be called Dear MAGA.

it would go like this.

Dear MAGA,

for four years your president talked a good game. he promised you a wall, great jobs, better healthcare than obamacare… he even promised to release his taxes.

all lies.

he talks a lot for a guy who golfs a lot and doesnt work.

he called us names and tried to insult us, but look at us: we’re still here in Washington DC and not only is he gone but so is the Republican majority in the Senate.

behind closed doors we always said to ourselves, “trump is weak. he’s gutless. he’s a coward.”

and look at him now. hiding in his bunker. like a baby.

MAGA, your guy is too afraid of his own shadow to come back to the scene of the crime and tell us how innocent he is. he’s too chicken shhh to get on the stand, put his hand on the Bible he pretends to love, and tell us what really happened the day that his supporters busted down the doors and climbed into the windows and desecrated democracy.

he knows he’s guilty and he’s too afraid to look you in the eye and admit it, or look us in the eye and defend himself.

he is old, he’s fat, he’s balding, and he’s guilty.

and he knows this is something that your money can’t change.

donald trump is afraid of the truth.

and that’s why he is too cowardly to take the stand.

ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?