did a great interview today for my new blog

the guy is a hugely successful television producer and long time reader of this very blog.

he had some advice for me about my forthcoming podcast which i wanted to disagree with, but did i mention he’s hugely successful?

meanwhile im working the pole at Gold Diggers at 2-6pm

what was weird is usually i begin the interviews by buttering the guest up, but he beat me to the punch, complimenting me and this and saying that i always had the most interesting cast of characters here

he even gave me props for nothing in here is true which sorta blew my mind.

i drove around hollywood as i talked to him because my phone connection is always great when im not doing anything, but any time im conducting a serious interview it cuts off on me.

once i was interviewing now-councilperson Nithya Raman from my living room and the phone dropped like 5 times. so embarrassing.

so now i just drive while i interview, pulling over every now and then to look at my notes.

howard stern had it right: if two people are having a great conversation one hour is about right. i think today we did about an hour ten.

we agreed on many things, disagreed on a few, but the whole time he was so upbeat and friendly and real. only a few questions did he not want to answer, which is good, you want to keep pushing as a reporter to see where the boundaries are. usually they’re where you think they would be, some people surprise you.

anyways it was very nice to be a journalist again. especially nice knowing that this is going to go into my own publication. and if it takes off, i alone will reap the rewards.

it is funny though, i still get nervous before it goes down. it doesnt matter who i interview. ever since Black Francis was a dead fish conversation way back in 1991, i am terrified that i will be unprepared for the worst, and fortunately that day has never revisited itself. but still i get scared.

Then i get freaked out that the recording didnt take. i forget who, but once at the Academy i interviewed someone and the recording didnt work but thank God I took notes and was able to make it work. oh it was the great John August. fortunately we also had a follow-up interview scheduled so i was able to get a few more questions in there. still it was embarrassing because i really loved working for my boss Josh Spector and i could see how disappointed he was.

but shit happens with tech and he knows that as well as anyone. in the long run i think i have been far luckier with it than not. one thing i do is i usually call my mom and record her first to see if everything works. she played along by reeling off a list of curse words. LOL JK.

tomorrow i transcribe it and work on another project im doing for someone else.

it’s nice to be busy. it’s nice to talk to nice people. it’s nice to be alive.