look ma, i’m on Medium now

the busblog is nearly 20 years old.

however there are some things that really shouldnt be on here.

super true things, for starters,

and also things that could find a bigger audience elsewhere… like on Medium

my secret blog over there is busblog.medium.com

things i want to put over there are

exclusive interviews

various bits about hollywood and the surrounding area

workout tips

cryptocurrency insights

van halen lyrics

breaking news

detailed details about my personal life

and links to my onlyfans content

today i wrote about my favorite corporate Twitter account, Wendy’s.

on Facebook i do this thing called

today in corporate twitter

where i critique when brands make fools of themselves

or in this case, where they really shine.

so since Wendy’s carved out a day where they could make fun of people and brands, it seemed like the perfect day to launch this new blog.

i hope you liked it, but even if you don’t when you go there follow me and click the hand claps and comment and print it out and make a paper airplane of it and put that in a bottle and toss it into the sea.

and i hope i get it.