thirty one years ago i had dinner with the B-52s

i remember very little of it

im starting to think thats good

maybe i want to be the person that someone says oh yeah i met him and i remember nothing

because if you are that person that means i wasnt rude to you

i didnt do anything outrageous

i just showed up, shook hands, gave you an autograph

hugged you without groping

and went on with my day.

i literally have nothing to prove any more.

my only goals are to make my momma happy and the Lord not want to cross me off the Good List.

the only thing i really remember from that day was the food was good.

it was right there in the Thunderdome where they would play later that night. Biggest tour theyd ever have. and i thought this: when they planned out their tour they probably thought oh we’re gonna play LA then SF, lets see if we can play at the college in between in Santa Barbara.

and they probably thought oh we can go shopping eat at a great restaurant, go to the beach

but im not sure they did any of that.

im pretty sure they just stayed near the arena the whole day or in their tour busses.

they were adults. there was no food fights. there wasnt even any weed aroma.

i remember a different band that asked us to find cocaine for them. this band did not.

this band ate the food and smiled and chit chatted about god knows what.

i want to be like that so much.

because i am