am i a born again Christian


while at the house with the spectacular view i was asked if i am a born again Christian

and i hesitated because im not sure

for me to be born again means that as an adult you choose the religion

and it helps if something magical brought you to the conclusion.

thats me.

but we all know the world rarely fits into the tony pierce definition for things

the world probably says you have to be baptised again and several other requirements.

but being born again isnt something thats in the bible so to me it’s all made up and therefore insignificant but i dont want to avoid answering questions simply because it’s complicated.

but the mere fact i was considering saying yes seemed to surprise the gentleman asking

i guess because i dont come across as a born again Christian

which, i hate to say,

is probably a compliment.

which is sad because i bet you there are tons of believers who, like me, aren’t stereotypical in the negative way.

and arent trying to convert or debate or judge.

if anything i think i am religious because religion was never forced on me.

one day in college i decided to take a class called the Bible as Literature

and the more i read the stories the more i was shocked at how different they were from what i thought they were. how much wasnt in there. and how short they were.

so i ended up reading the whole thing to see what else i thought i knew that i didnt know.

the best part of the story is this: i ended up taking two classes about the Bible,
became super into it
and i still got bad grades in both classes.

neither teacher appreciated my interpretations.

i remember one guy

we were studying the new testament. Jesus giving the Sermon on the Mount.

He says that the meek shall inherit the Earth.

so my paper was something like “I Still Think The Meek Are Screwed”

and in it i gave example after example of how Christians and Jews are instructed to aim higher than just the mundane things: money, property, idols, the flesh. Story after story about guys who want material things — or gets them — and they’re still unhappy.

everyone is being told, turn away from the things of the world, you treasure will be in Heaven.

then here at the mount we are told the Meek will get the Earth in the future.

i was like, in Revelations they said the earth is going to be uninhabitable, locust everywhere, worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. so who wants to inherit that?

i wrote, unless the Earth means The Heavens, why should anyone want to inherit something theyve been told is a red herring?

well this teacher flipped out.

my paper was jackson pollock of red ink.

fortunately it was pass fail so since i did the paper on time he couldnt truly punish me for actually reading the book and writing down what i thought.