there was a car chase

usually im super down to live tweet car chases.

but there was only one channel airing it and everyone was bad.

the dude anchor is like the most stuck up cheerleader around. everything feels like an imposition to him. never excited about anything. no humanity. no life in his voice or face. total dead fish.

then the lady anchor actually had tons of life. real cheerleader. but she had nothing to say.

motion and no movement they used to call it when i was a pitching coach. a fastball that just goes from point a to b without and razzmatazz.

the copter guy was ok. but as you can see from this screenshot, they had none of the bells and whistles on the overlay. important things like WTF is this, and how fast is everyone going.

is this everyones first car chase?

worst was they had a retired cop on the line who they could bounce questions off. which is sorta ok

but only if you also had a retired thief on the line too. i mean come on. at this point we could all pretty much guess what the cop is gonna say, but do we know what the former crook will come up with?

sometimes i feel like i need to just run everything.