1. Saturday, February 20, 2021

    i get so stuck sometimes 

    at first i thought it was distractions

    and maybe it is

    but it’s not the ones i thought

    what if my biggest distractions are facebook and twitter and instagram and reddit and snapchat?

    i always tell people that it if wasnt my job i would just huck my phone

    or have phone office hours and then turn it off the rest of the day

    but i read those things constantly because they are a constant source of joy and information

    beauty and inspiration

    ways to be wicked

    and 65 new ways to be a damn good person.

    even if the articles are bunk im looking at the design, the SEO, the graphics, the sound

    when bono sang IM WIDE AWAKE i didnt understand at the time because it was the ’80s

    but im so awake its scary.

    how am i supposed to focus?

    and you know maybe thats the podcast right there: an hour unedited

    hit record, upload, move on to the next one.

    i have zero interest or time to fix shit in post.

    do you have any idea how many ideas i need to get out there?

    and they keep coming.

    i remember when robyn bell asked me if i would be interested in leaving the letters and science dept at UCSB and come over to the college of creative studies

    and i asked, creativity, eh?

    then i asked, do you think our creativity drains up after a while?

    and she said, nope.

    and she did not lie.