1. Friday, February 5, 2021

    i have been receiving the best work advice lately 

    someone said to me,

    tony pierce, you are 54 years old. for such a smart person you can be so dumb.

    you put on these clothes that aren’t you, you try so hard to fit in, but you never will.

    and you set your sites soooo low. why?

    it’s like you’re David Bowie and you want to be in a fucking barbershop quartet

    so you wear the bow tie and the straw hat but you know that wont fool em

    so you put on a fake handlebar mustache

    but it looks so phony – something you despise btw

    and you’re still David Fucking Bowie

    no amount of faux facade can change that!

    so be David Bowie.

    be that spaceman from mars that we want!

    people can see who you are from a mile away and if they are afraid and don’t want you in their space that’s ok, leave them alone.

    but there are millions who do want you.

    we want you because we are David Bowies too.

    and we hate our fake mustaches

    and stupid barber shop harmonies.

    we want to rock.

    lead the way.