this always happens

i have the best plans. i know it all in my head. sometimes i’ll write it down.

sometimes i’ll even put it on my wall.

simple things like: blog every day, dummy.

then i wont. i’ll do ANYTHING else.

who wouldnt wanna blog on the world famous? who wouldnt want to be able to say anything and theres a good chance that someone will read it?

just the other day someone was all, omg are you the tony pierce of the busblog?

that was like the third person this month who asked me that.

blogging is dead. the blogosphere is def dead. how could they know this thing?

and what do i do? i stop the momentum.

last month i had 28 posts, this month wont even be 20.

i cant blame amber, she’s not even here.

i cant blame the demands of my job.

i cant blame anyone but myself.

is it true that there are things that i wanna say that i dont feel right saying because i dont wanna make it public? OF COURSE but that could be said to every day of the 20 years that ive had this thing.

somehow the show goes on.

i give springsteen a hard time for not being that wild and innocent rhymemaster that he was on his first album. i say Dylan, Tom Waits, even Tom Petty were able to crank em out later in their careers.

but then i cant even navel gaze.

DMed a pretty girl the other day and she DMed me back.

maybe one day i’ll write about women in this thing.