1. Thursday, February 18, 2021

    today i drove around like santa claus 

    i didnt expect to actually talk to anyone but i was invited into the most beautiful home

    with the greatest view.

    every night the Dodgers light off fireworks they get to take it in from their deck.

    can you imagine?

    i have known the greatest people.

    maybe thats what this podcast should be.

    maybe shane is right: who needs a gimmick when you have the busblog?

    all i have to do is talk to the people i already know

    and their friends and family

    and thats the show.

    it could at least be the first 5 seasons.

    22 episodes a season, so 110 people?

    do i know 110 interesting people?

    of course.

    was very disappointed when i left their home and drove through the jack in the box

    theyve already discontinued their McClucker sandwich or whatever they call it.

    it was incredible: fried boneless chicken breast, guac, bacon, mayo, tomato.

    theyd even kiss you on the forehead if you got the combo with curly fries

    when i didnt see it on the screen i asked is this a mistake

    the voice on the box said

    you’re in the best part of LA for tacos and youre in jack in the box so dont ask me about mistakes