1. Monday, February 15, 2021

    today i talked for an hour with a very good man 

    as we chatted i walked to target, then up to hollywood blvd

    then through los feliz

    then through the grocery store

    then thru yr heart

    got home and cooked

    didnt clean

    didnt work

    played with the cats which is something i try to do more of because

    i have no idea how much amber played with them

    but for years she was around and

    now shes not

    so i dont want them to feel alone

    i dont want them to be unloved just bc its cold.

    somewhere i read that if kids dont get a lot of love they’ll turn psycho and probably surround themselves with guns when they get older

    i dont want any gloomy emo cats googling ways to get ar-15s when im on my walk

    whats weird about them is they dont like to be pet at the same time

    life is all about normal things on paper

    that in reality doesnt happen.

    only if i get a fire going in the fireplace do the cats allow me to pet them at the same time

    but whos got time for that

    i had television to watch

    and importing things to avoid.