have you ever gotten super close to getting a few jobs

while on unemployment

while dudes with face tattoos are sporting brand new jackets and $300 shoes?

dont cry for me argentina. unlike my nephew who plays xbox on easy mode

because he hates to lose

i go straight to the expert mode

because i hate charity.

today i was on hollywood blvd. my home. and everyone was so photogentic

and everyone lets me, a perfect stranger, take their picture

they tell me where theyre from they tell me the greatest stories

one guy wanted to share a joint with me

invited me twice as he sat at this little table rolling a thin one for himself.

you want some of this spliff dont you?

i was all, whats that round your neck?

he said, a mask?

i said yes, we are wearing masks because of the wickety wickety 19

he was all, thats ok, this shit cures it.

and if i was an angel thats exactly what i would do

id fly down to earth with a cure in a joint and see who goes for it.

then when i flew back home id get grounded probs for fuckign with the butterfly effect.

but being grounded in heaven is like having your best day ever in cincinnati.