didnt get the job i was perfect for

and heres why its ok.

after kpcc i just could not get a gig to save my life. if it wasnt for my friend amy i dont even know what i would have done.

she got me some freelance work that paid really good. it was hard but it paid.

then someone from the LA Times told me about the Oscars job and — do you know how much i love the Oscars? suddenly im working there. going to it. socialmediaing it? improving the numbers. talking to the people. learning the things?

if i had just gotten the ok job right outta kpcc, i would have never gotten the incredible job months and months later.

was i in a terrible funk in between those two? yes. terrrrible. i even went into fox news’ hq in nyc and interviewed for a job. i was maybe gonna move. while there the oscars called and said whats up. i was all im in nyc because obvs my life is over.

and they were all well get back here because out of 1000 applicants you’re tony pierce.

so whats crazy about todays denial, they know me. they reached out to me. then they made me jump through a hoop on the other side of the moon. and i jumped and flew around and stuck the landing.

and still no. which is totally fine because sometimes it’s nice to have to jump high and show what youre made of. and do things in a few weeks that whoever they chose couldnt do in years.

if anything to just see yourself that you can do it. and be funny. and be fresh. and be right on the money.

im gonna do my own thing going forward.

i dont ever want to be in a situation where one or two people determine my future.

the first half of my life was that and it was interesting but fuck that shit.

the things i have done have value and the things i know i can do have even more.

why am i splitting it with them with me getting the tiniest fraction?

the season of lent is not about giving up things but having a different relationship to the things we do through the rest of the year.

im gonna write my ass off on medium

then podcast my ass off like the freak i am.