amber calls but i hesitate to pick up

i am still very emotional when it comes to her. i care very deeply for her but what can i say im a sensitive poet. it’s hard for me to get over people ive lived with for four years.

she calls like nothing has changed and tells me about her neighbors and i tell her, please blog this. please take pictures and interview them, and have them introduce you to their friends, and take pictures of their homes, and talk to their neighbors

and put it all on

overnight i have become a Medium salesperson. but i see the light. theres good things over there.

i tell her that i will occasionally look at her IG story and it will make me sad because i will see the legs of her fleece pajama pants. ones i bought her that i would see for years but havent seen in months and there they are.

it’ll kill me right on the spot.

but we gave it years and years. some people can totally love each other but that doesnt mean its right.

i once tried to get our garage key to work in the front door and the thing got in there but it wouldn’t turn.

i have so many great memories with her. my phone is a giant curse. it reminds me at every turn. i need to figure out how to end the barrage of feels from that phone.

maybe i should just turn it off.

or throw it into the sea.