ist 326am and im procrastinating for some reason

i thought i had kicked this last week but here it is.

i was off to a good start yesterday but it was 80 degrees so i took a walk and kept walking because LA is fantastic.

ate two tacos: shrimp, fish.

drank an orange crush because im 9.

kept walking then was involved in a high level business call that included the words, “offer letter”

i said dont rush on that. hes such a nice person i dont know if the ideas im giving him are as good as he’s reactions are or if he’s just nice.

but we talked for two hours, which is an hour less than last time and he lives near zulieka so if i get the job maybe i can share a grilled cheese with her.

then it was time for dinner.

the other night i poured a can of minestrone in a pot and added beyond beef sausage, avocados and peas. by some miracle there was leftovers. dinner.

then moxie called with a lot of questions including the dreaded word: podcast.

that thing could either make me a million or ruin my life entirely.

a six year podcast. who wants that? i dont even have the attention span to watch an entire music video without going for my phone. how am i going to be committed to a 6 year project?

the only way i can even fathom it is by convincing myself that after a year it will have become so popular that people will be throwing themselves at me to tell me what to do next and heres a whole lotta money to do it.

i really need a microphone.