today the arclight closed forever

do you know how many dates ive had there

and movies i went there alone

and famous people i saw there and met and talked with?

im trying to write something for medium about it but its all baloney.

do i need to start drinking again?

where is my mojo.

i went a week not being to blog on this blog, how is that possible?

how can i not write about the cubs or hollywood or even this now?

saw sooooo many movies there.


tomorrow i start therapy

sesame street

today i filled out all this paperwork which basically asked the same basic bitch questions over and over.

there should be a national database for that.

i know i know ppl could use it for evil, but grow up, Putin already knows more about me than my damn soon to be shrink does so why not just let her have what he has and call it a day

seriously 10 pages of things i had to fill out and “sign” including my name address and phone numbers

how is that not given to her from kaiser? how is that even a question?

im a little nervous about all of this because everyone says you probably wont get along with your first few therapists and so does that mean 30 pages of paperwork awaits me?

today i learned that the US are thinking about spending 100 billion on 600 nuclear missiles.

i looked it up and there are 3.5 million FT and PT public school teachers.

you could give all of them a $20k bonus and still have money left over to fund music and the arts programs nationwide.

who’s launching nukes against anyone these days?

its all cyber warfare now. stealing my data. and a lot more than my dumb social security number.

these people know patterns. inventory. passwords.

we dont need 100 billion in bombs we’ll never launch.

we need smart, well prepared teachers

to produce smart, well prepared kids.

bombs are for dumbasses who dont know how to close.

did my taxes

thought i was gonna be able to pay off a credit card from my giant return

after watching snl though i went back to look at my return to bask in its glory

then noticed a terrible mistake

i had handed my tax preparer my w-2 from 2019, not 2020

maybe i’ll get a free burrito now instead.

which is fine.

i like burritos.

im in a bad mood, so lets talk about good friday

im in a bad mood because i just went through all of my expenses for last year bc im seeing my tax lady tomorrow, who i love, but still, last year was Rough and i had no idea how much money i spent on just fixing my car alone.

but todays good friday so lets talk about the Lord

i was in a Zoom call today and someone said good friday is actually sad

and i wanted to get into it but zoom’s lag is so bad that i fucking hate it

anyways good friday is good.

this was the part in the movie where Jesus

had to die.

first so he could pay for our sins

but also so he could rise from the dead.

both of those things are the coolest ever so whats the biggie being “dead” for a few days?

no one ever talks about the shitty time he spent right before his death wandering in the desert for 40 day and 40 nights being tempted n shit

and those temptations are so not-so-hard temptations.

hey Jesus, jump off this cliff, the angels will save you

hey Jesus, sell out to me and all of this will be yours

hey Jesus, if you’re so hungry, make bread outta this rock

those are super hard for the son of God?

maybe they are.

not being on social media for most of the day is hard for me.

not arguing with people on twitter is hard for me

so i guess everythings relative

i also dont think Good Friday is sad except for one moment when Jesus really became man

it was the part where he was nailed to the cross and He thought death was about to come

and it didnt

he just laid up there

actually suffering

actually paying for all of our sins

all at the same time

and it probably hurt like hell

in all the ways imaginable

in super villain ways

unbelievable pain that Only the son of God could withstand without dying

and then He probably hurt so band He thought it’ll be ok because this will just kill me and i can party back home in Heaven annnnny minute

and it didnt come

and Jesus yelled out


like you would if your uber just doesnt fucking come

even if the little dot is like a block away and its been there since for ever it feels

and thats when Jesus felt human

and it fucking sucked.

then he died.



it’s hard not to take glee when bad things happen to bad ppl

but we make due.

a wild congressperson is being accused of being involved in teenage prostitutes

ironic because the loudest supporters of his party and cause have been on a years-long obsession with pediphilias and here one of their poster boys just might have gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar

i have a lot of things to ask God if He has time for me IF i make it to Heaven. one of them is how was i supposed to feel about this?

this guy was a man who didnt care that guns were killing kids, didnt care about the environment being in a crisis, didn’t care about the healthcare system, and proudly was the only person who voted against a human trafficking law.

my heart wants to celebrate his downfall but i dont think Jesus would approve.

cubs lost their home opener today. it was cold. bats were cold too.

not crazy about our new announcer Boog. he wants the NL to have the DH and thats a non starter for me. kick him out.

i cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, took two naps, then did the dishes.

been doing some freelance work for Sass but any time i finish it im exhausted bc i put my heart in it.

also the covid vaccine has worn me out.

i hope i get my energy back tomorrow.