it’s hard not to take glee when bad things happen to bad ppl

but we make due.

a wild congressperson is being accused of being involved in teenage prostitutes

ironic because the loudest supporters of his party and cause have been on a years-long obsession with pediphilias and here one of their poster boys just might have gotten his hand caught in the cookie jar

i have a lot of things to ask God if He has time for me IF i make it to Heaven. one of them is how was i supposed to feel about this?

this guy was a man who didnt care that guns were killing kids, didnt care about the environment being in a crisis, didn’t care about the healthcare system, and proudly was the only person who voted against a human trafficking law.

my heart wants to celebrate his downfall but i dont think Jesus would approve.

cubs lost their home opener today. it was cold. bats were cold too.

not crazy about our new announcer Boog. he wants the NL to have the DH and thats a non starter for me. kick him out.

i cleaned my kitchen and bathroom, took two naps, then did the dishes.

been doing some freelance work for Sass but any time i finish it im exhausted bc i put my heart in it.

also the covid vaccine has worn me out.

i hope i get my energy back tomorrow.