what a day what a day what a day

had therapy today

we are getting along very well. i think we had to figure each other out.

she even said it was good.

we went into some deep ish. i asked her advice a few times. like four times.

i told her the paths i could take and i asked which one do you like

she said which one do you like?

i said i dont like none of them.

she asked which one would be the best for you?

i said, itd be best for me if i didnt do shit – im doing this to be cool to someone.

i have a feeling the things i say she doesnt expect.

right after that i met the most interesting man in the world.

i was in my pajama bottoms, still. and wearing an Obey shirt.

he is in his late 60s, British, and a semi famous musician.

he asked Obey? Who should you Obey? What does this mean?

I said, it’s a long story but

we teach what we most need to learn

later he walked me to his apartment and gave me an autographed prized possession.