im in a bad mood, so lets talk about good friday

im in a bad mood because i just went through all of my expenses for last year bc im seeing my tax lady tomorrow, who i love, but still, last year was Rough and i had no idea how much money i spent on just fixing my car alone.

but todays good friday so lets talk about the Lord

i was in a Zoom call today and someone said good friday is actually sad

and i wanted to get into it but zoom’s lag is so bad that i fucking hate it

anyways good friday is good.

this was the part in the movie where Jesus

had to die.

first so he could pay for our sins

but also so he could rise from the dead.

both of those things are the coolest ever so whats the biggie being “dead” for a few days?

no one ever talks about the shitty time he spent right before his death wandering in the desert for 40 day and 40 nights being tempted n shit

and those temptations are so not-so-hard temptations.

hey Jesus, jump off this cliff, the angels will save you

hey Jesus, sell out to me and all of this will be yours

hey Jesus, if you’re so hungry, make bread outta this rock

those are super hard for the son of God?

maybe they are.

not being on social media for most of the day is hard for me.

not arguing with people on twitter is hard for me

so i guess everythings relative

i also dont think Good Friday is sad except for one moment when Jesus really became man

it was the part where he was nailed to the cross and He thought death was about to come

and it didnt

he just laid up there

actually suffering

actually paying for all of our sins

all at the same time

and it probably hurt like hell

in all the ways imaginable

in super villain ways

unbelievable pain that Only the son of God could withstand without dying

and then He probably hurt so band He thought it’ll be ok because this will just kill me and i can party back home in Heaven annnnny minute

and it didnt come

and Jesus yelled out


like you would if your uber just doesnt fucking come

even if the little dot is like a block away and its been there since for ever it feels

and thats when Jesus felt human

and it fucking sucked.

then he died.