tomorrow i start therapy

sesame street

today i filled out all this paperwork which basically asked the same basic bitch questions over and over.

there should be a national database for that.

i know i know ppl could use it for evil, but grow up, Putin already knows more about me than my damn soon to be shrink does so why not just let her have what he has and call it a day

seriously 10 pages of things i had to fill out and “sign” including my name address and phone numbers

how is that not given to her from kaiser? how is that even a question?

im a little nervous about all of this because everyone says you probably wont get along with your first few therapists and so does that mean 30 pages of paperwork awaits me?

today i learned that the US are thinking about spending 100 billion on 600 nuclear missiles.

i looked it up and there are 3.5 million FT and PT public school teachers.

you could give all of them a $20k bonus and still have money left over to fund music and the arts programs nationwide.

who’s launching nukes against anyone these days?

its all cyber warfare now. stealing my data. and a lot more than my dumb social security number.

these people know patterns. inventory. passwords.

we dont need 100 billion in bombs we’ll never launch.

we need smart, well prepared teachers

to produce smart, well prepared kids.

bombs are for dumbasses who dont know how to close.