today was a hard day

most of them are not hard but today was

i went to bed early and woke up early, that part was fine

had a nice business meeting where the boss said nice things about me to everyone.

that was fine.

later i watched videos of this guy traveling the world and he does it in his own non bs way

and its inspiring and i want to do that but in a smaller scope

so that was fine

but somewhere in the middle bad things happened

and i saw a guy smoking crack at a bus stop bench

first i passed him and tweeted about it

then i did things and came back an hour later and he was still playing with that pipe

mesmerized by it

so much so he didnt notice me shooting video of him

i hope to be in love with a woman one day as much as he was in love with that pipe

can love do that?

have i been in that sorta love?

of course

ive stared into some eyes the way he was staring at the possibility of that tiny bulb

when people talk i look at their mouth

i know everything about their dentistry

but when i was an uber driver usually all i could see was their eyes

and now with these damn masks i melted into some eyes just the other day

but she was a sox fan

and we acknowledged right there that there would be no way

ive even forgotten her name because it is such an impossibility

but the real question is can someone my age truly become so obsessively in love as i did when i was younger

it is harder because back then you hadn’t done much so you imagine all the things love will be able to do for you

and you imagine all the things having a live-in naked partner could be like

and after a while you see what it really is

and worse you see how much you change in their presence

sometimes not for the best.

so can you fall hopelessly ever again?