i made so little money last year

the state wants to give me my income tax return

but they want me to prove i’m me because they can’t believe im actually alive.

not only am i alive but i learned so much during the Plague

for one, i learned how to cook because eating out is so expensive in LA

and the things i like for some reason costs like $15 in the world

but only like $2 at the grocery store.

on Fridays they sell a whole, cooked chicken for $5.

i take these rubber gloves and just peel all the meat and skin off that thing and put it in a big thing of tupperware. that’ll last a week.

because what i’ll do is open up a can of soup, a can of kidney beans, a half cup of frozen peas, and some of that chicken. maybe a little rice or pasta if i have some left over.

thats like lunch and dinner right there, especially once i air fry some big ass slices of sourdough.

maybe ill slice some avocados on top

and cheese

and MSG

and hot sauce

and salsa.

super easy.

just as good as melrose.