chris and i saw the lakers play to hundreds

chris and i have been going to laker games for as long as staples center has been around which is nearly 20 years now.

hes been a season ticket holder but last year he was unable to see the playoffs and finals bc all the teams were in the bubble.

this is the first game he has been able to see because its been very limited seating

but he really wanted to go tonight to see them raise the banner to honor their 17th championship

so instead of buying tix super close to the court he bought a pair really high up in the sky so we would be right under the new banner

and there it is.

the Laker girls were up there too to say hi and we are polite so we said hi back

this is what the stadium looked like a few minutes before the ceremony. they say 20% capacity but id say even at its most crowded it was like 10%.

there were people around us a little because everyone wanted to take a pic with the new banner but you could hear the laker girls clap it was so quiet

another thing: you couldnt eat or drink in your seats you could only do it right by where you ordered your food. so that was weird. but fine. it made you chug your beers of which i had two.

they tasted delicious. perhaps because i hardly even drink beer any more?

saw a man who bought shoes where the left was gold and the right was purple.

i asked Chris why he didnt just buy two pairs and he said he didnt know

lakers won a close one.

thanks for the tix, Chris!