took me a while but i finished Inside Out

hadnt realized how much i forgot about that movie.

halfway through i was getting mad at Sad for fucking everything up and i was seriously wondering why Sadness is even necessary in life, let alone that small control center in the brain.

but of the many things i learned at college, when writing stories there’s a three step process:

introduce lovable characters,
then fuck them over royally
then watch them return to glory

so how can you have that arc if you don’t have sadness and anger and disgust right in the middle of it.

for every peak you need a valley

told all this stuff to my shrink today and she seemed impressed at how much i got out of the film

so how will you use this in your life, she asked me?

i said if i see a pretty girl who looks sad in a picture, i wont try to stand on my head to make her smile, i’ll just think to myself

there’s some good times heading that chick’s way.

i see my shrink today and we’re talking about emotions

so i finished inside out and now i am seeing if, through my 20 years of writing this blog, if i have mentioned any of the emotions:

happiness / happy – 1,769
sadness / sad – 1,355
fear / afraid – 795
anger – 594
surprise – 385
angry – 155
disgust – 141

this is out of nearly 13,000 posts

what does this say about me?

i hope i find out