for the rest of this year

im gonna be in the busblog business.

i bust my ass for everyone else. i give away every idea i have. i connect friends. i do all the things. always have.

how about for the next year, and possibly next 15 years i do that for me.

how about i live my life in freedom.

its shitty i gotta say that today because the landlord is sending over workers to paint my apartment and do all these other things


which is not a time i would have agreed to

but whatever, if thats the only part of freedom i dont have, so be it.

fucked up and took a little nap tonight at 8pm and that’ll surely fuck up my sleep

but again, if that is the roughest part of life, then boo hoo.

tomorrow im gonna buy some recording devices.

im gonna then go out in the streets and talk to people.

i want to do that for the rest of the year.

and then see if i can do that for the rest of my days as a working man.

im reading this book about Twitter, which was first Blogger

and ev and the boys they didn’t know what they were gonna make when they first came to Frisco

they just knew they wanted to be part of something.

i wanna be part of myself now.

ive kissed all these pretty girls and worked at all these cool places

i dont have to work on maggies farm any more.

my farm is right here. hollywood. and every day theres something ripe worth picking.

every day theres someone with a story to tell.

just on my block alone theres people with tales, so many tales.

my question is, is can i keep the end product down to 45 minutes?


i know i know, howard stern has hour long interviews

but thats howard, he’s the king. im just a blogger.

gotta keep shit short.

but i dont wanna edit. so time consuming.

watched a movie today

Get Hard.

it made me laugh. then i took a nap.

thats the life i want: cook stuff, talk to my mom, work a little, make something, then watch a movie, take a nap, then wake up and hug my cats.

that might be the best way to do things for the next little while.

i’ll tell you this: its way better than getting up early, shit shower shave

eat in the drive thru

go to a workstation

make magic for someone who wishes youd quit

go home, fend off cheerleaders, starlets and disco dancers

and try to hit the hay before 1am so you can do it all again in the morn

working for the weekend

what a terrible cycle.

at my age you shoulda learned something

and that education should change you

in a good way.