Such a good day today

It was good for many reasons including its nice to talk to people after all this time not talking to people.

It’s also good to have a plan and when you do it you see it coming together.

One of my ideas about this podcast was to let people i know nominate people they know for me to interview.

This is a bit of a stretch for me because i like to be in control of things and i think i know it all and i like to pretend that i know all the people, but we know that’s a lie.

So Elise, who was one of my editors at LAist, knows an author who has written tons of books about music and Hollywood and today i drove out to his beautiful home and we talked for three hours.

Turned out he knows a bunch of people who i worked with at Licorice Pizza

Not only that but he loves baseball as much as i do, and music and LA

Weirder still, he was in SF the same exact years that i was and booked a jazz club there that i went to a few times

But because he’s about 8 years older than me he had stories and had seen things that I hadn’t and it was fantastic.

I am so filled with happiness right now that i want to write a love letter to a pretty girl but for once in my life I’m stopping myself because i cannot follow through because i really have to put everything into this thing.

I get a day off tomorrow and i will pick up my MacBook from the shop, but i gotta say, this iPad has been pretty damn good.

One thing happened today in the interview i didnt expect – two actually. The first was the batteries died when they shouldn’t have. The other was a microphone fell out of its hole. Scared the hell out of me because in these long interviews you dont wanna have to redo anything and when i interviewed Bree last week her whole interview got ruined.

I’d really love to figure out a fail safe way to do these, but the better audio quality you have the more complicated the equipment is. So you just have to bring extra batteries i guess.

Another thing that was weird was he lived really close to the castle i learned about when i first wanted to do this.

Life is so weird. LA is too. I am very happy. Maybe i can use my esp to have this girl write me and say

I will get money together and make it out there and have a little summer vacation with you tony.

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I’m typing in the dark on an iPad at 152am and i cant see

My real computer is in the shop because some how i blew out one of the speakers and as they were fixing that there was something else that needed to get fixed and since its all under warranty they’re waiting for a part

So I haven’t been blogging much because that’s my baby and this is not which is why you;;;ll see how things automatically get capitalized but also weirdnessess

Everything’s coming together with the podcast. It’s a minor miracle.

I couldnt have done it without my editor Jordan. He does great work and cheerleads me which is really all i need.

I figured that’s what i need with a therapist, just someone to say you got this G

I need a weird, supportive, totally positive person who believes in me.

Watched a lot of tv today.

Cooked with these new pots and pans that are super against burning anything. Love that. They;;ll make it hot but not black.

Did some eggs potatoes cheese turkey bacon this morning and rice a roni spectacular for dinner and man.

Gotta get these pots for my mom.

Game changer.

Friends – i have the greatest

Anna said I’m in town, lets hang.

She’s a magical person so i said sure, when where.

She said I’m crashing with jeff and Erin so i said i dont even know where that is.

She said aren’t you alive? Haven’t you all been friends since the 80s? I said yes but when you have kids and dogs and lives you dont always break bread with each other and dont they live very far away up in the hills?

Turns out even in rush hour traffic they live 37 minutes away.

Ben and Soomi drove all the way up from Long Beach and we sat in the backyard under the biggest tree, we pet the best dogs, and shared so many stories.

FIVE HOURS and it went by like that.

Such good food. So many great tales. No one judged me as far as i can tell

If anything they said they loved me.

And loved my perspective.

I was all, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I love my friends so much.

I am so lucky to have known them for most of my life.

I hope i bring them a smile once in a while because they put the happiness in my heart whenever i am around them.

Am i a bully online?

I think the answer is hell yes.

But I shouldn’t be proud of that.

To be completely honest I’m not sure how to act online.

People say dumb things. They do dumb things. They vote in dumb ways.

I have made giant mistakes too in the things i do, say, and the people i have voted for.

And I’m not sure i would have taken kindly to a stranger calling me stupid.

But i will say, every now and then someone will show me the error of my ways

And I block them.

Fuck them.

So there’s good ways and bad ways to do things

Here’s the bad way; build people’s expectations, and then not fulfill them.

Especially when it comes to money.

But it could be other things like time.

A man’s time is the most valuable thing he can give you.

Because time is precious and limited and it has value.

So if someone says that in exchange for their time you will pay them money, and he gives you that precious time, and you do not give them the money, then someone is the bad guy.

I must admit, sometimes i am the bad guy. And i do not want to be the bad guy. Ever.

Have i let down others? Have i not fulfilled expectations? Yes. Yes.

So going forward i tried my best to only promise things i knew i could deliver on.

And not just that, but if i promise people that i would give my precious time, inherent in that promise was i would give 100% of my attention on it and all of my heart and all of my experience and all of my best ideas.

Because fuckit, why not.

When the sun comes out i want the whole sun. I dont want fucked up gloom. I want holy shit bright ass vitamin C shining down from the sky.

So the other day i was given expectations. Then the deadline came and went and it was extended. Then i said you know what it doesnt look like my side of the expectations are going to be met.

And a person was mad at ME even though i was the victim in the arrangement. I had delivered what i promised and they did not. So I said lets just pause until the clouds part.

Yesterday i was not given the money that was owed me, no no. Instead i was removed from having access to things. As if i was the bad guy. As if i was in the wrong.

Sometimes you have to lead by example. Sometimes people take that the wrong way. Sometimes people expect you to give give give. Sometimes people will talk talk talk but not ever say the thing that matters.

But it’s cool.

Good things will happen.

I had such a good day

The interview with the famous music executive went ok. He has lots of great stories, but they werent really about Hollywood so i asked if i could come back next weekend and he said yes but he seemed disappointed and i would have been too if i had just talked for three hours and the stranger was all, uh

We hit it off on my levels but i cant help thinking he was somehow mad at me for not reigning him in but I Tried to. So i sent him an email with the topics i wanna talk about next time and how many minutes we should spend on it and that way we both have the same expectations.

Let’s hope what i am asking for is way easier to deliver than what he had to deal with as a manager for some notorious bands… including the Sex Pistols.

I still felt great though maybe because human contact will do that for me. Shocker. And also because I *did* impress him with my CD-i gift so that was funny.

Afterwards i went to the DTLA Ralphs for something quick to eat and their sushi section is shockingly large and i had a really good to-go thing of sushi. Then walked over to Todd Martens pad who I haven’t seen in person in like a year. We watched a few innings of the Cubs game. He was heading to the Bowl to see Flying Lotus so we took a Lyft together back to my pad.

There i watched the end of the Cubs game and i took a nap because sometimes my body is like we’re checking out, f you human, and so i told Alexa to wake me up in an hour. When i did wake up i didnt wanna but i did. Which was smart.

Then the best thing happened. I got a text from Jordan my editor. He had the first draft of my first episode done. It was soooooo gooooood. He chopped a 3 hour interview into 45 minutes. Hero! And he had all this music. And he had told me to get certain equipment, he even gave me a mic, and the sound was perfect. So professional. And i sounded like a pro. Magic! Witchcraft! Grace of God!

I feel so lucky. I feel like we really can do this. We really can compete against the massively overcrowded world of podcasting.

Then i watched tv and smiled and smiled and smiled.

It’s 513am

Yesterday was great. Good interview with an Emmy winner who you may know.

Cubs won. I cooked well. Then for some reason started cleaning my room.

There’s this part near my tv where there was a giant ball of cords and wires and dust.

I totally organized all of it and dusted and washed and wiped and it’s gorgeous.

Then at around 3am i started studying for the person i have to interview today in 8 hours.

Turns out he’s a major record executive who… sold tickets to Woodstock when he was in college.

And chaperoned Prince around during his first big tour.

When he was 14 he met The Rolling Stones thanks to Mike Douglas.

But in the weirdest turn of events, in the ’90s he worked with Philips on a new device called the Compact Disc Interactive.

Which also happened to be my first real job after college.

I was the rep for Philips CDi in California and Nevada.

Anywhere CDi was, I went to see the display, train the staff, and make sure they had brochures and demo discs.

It was an incredible job, which he was a big part of.

As soon as i fall asleep and wake up, Imma find out how big of a part.

have i mentioned that my facebook is a miracle?

i reached out to a few people yesterday to be on my podcast, but when something is new not every is gonna climb over themselves to be part of it.

so i went to Facebook and put up a post saying i wanted people to hook me up with their friends who either live in Hollywood or work here or… and an avalanche of good leads appeared in minutes.

while that was happening i got the courage to ask some people i know and they ALL said yes.

i do have self esteem problems but im pretty sure i can talk to people for an hour and good stories will appear. can i keep up this pace? will i be able to stay afloat before the big bucks come in?

will i be able to listen to these interviews to help out my editor and chop them down?

today is gonna be a busy day. my shrink is right in the middle of it all. but i really need to go and get a second mic. i also need to go to the post office and mail my taxes and who knows i might even have another interview later in the day.

i am very excited.

still might need to do uber delivery or something to pay the rent while i do all of this.

life is so weird and beautiful and scary and good.

how am i 109 years old and have no clue despite that incredible college education?

but i will say this: the three hour interview i did the other day was fucking great.

and part of that greatness, which was a huge surprise to me, was me.

so that gave me so much confidence.

sadly my confidence in most things are like rubbing alcohol: it evaporates quickly.

saw my tax lady today

she opened up the office for me even though i was not going to be paying for anything. she only works on commish.

how nice was that of her!??!

we spent two hours in there and when it was over i offered to drive her home because i know she doesn’t have a car and the uber prices right now are outta control.

she said, actually i need to do this one thing that should take about 20 minutes, so no thank you.

i said, right in your parking lot is one of my favorite taquerias in all of LA, Guisados, how about i get some tacos there and when im done i will bring you back something and drive you home.

she was all, omg thank you!

she used to do the books for movie execs, a studio or two, and still has some celeb clients who i cannot mention

but one for sure is A-list, the others i forgot about because of the xbi meddling with my brain.

you know.

so i sat there and these tacos are little. but each one is an adventure all their own.

youd think youd see these at a fancy art opening or billionaire party

but you can get six of them for nine bucks, $11 after tip

i sat there and quietly moaned with each bite while watching the cubs win.

when i was finishing up this big tall guy sat near me and bit into his platter of earthly delights.

i got up and threw out my trash and said

fucking unreal, arent they?

and his serious beverly hills face lit up

and he said



driving her home she told me that she had gotten COVID twice! once early on in January when no one knew what it was, but she had been an EMT in the great war so when she got her fever she drew a bath and soaked in it every other hour

“so i wouldn’t cook to death”

and after about 12 hours she beat the first huge fever.

i was all, you cured yourself of COVID!

she laughed. she should be retired. she has braces.

she says when she does retire she wants to do it overseas in asia somewhere.

i was all me too.

when i dropped her off she said, want my chicken soup, i didnt eat it for lunch.

i think after doing my taxes seeing how dirt poor i am she felt bad for me.

and im eating it now and it’s delicious.

cubs won.

did i do my first podcast today? yes!

was i fucking terrific? yes!

was my guest even better? YES

we talked for three hours, america.

i hooked up the equipment, which wasn’t easy. and i think he was speaking too loudly into the mic but i think it worked, i hope it worked. im too scared to look at it.

but we got into everything that we should have, plus he told me about a secret project he’s about to launch soon. and we even got close to being emotional.

it was perfect.

now i need to listen to it and chop it down, which is gonna be work, man. shit.

i need an intern. i need help. i dont wanna revisit that world.

i dont wanna revisit things for a good 10 years afterwards.

i was reading some emails from 2010. its incredible that Gmail lets you do that.

i have had a full ass life. lemme tell you.

i had to clean up the house a bit because i did it here. so my place is clean, which is nice.

i wanna have a date.

i think im ready.

im not getting any younger.

i have zero prospects.

how is that even possible.

my neighbor told me that today was the first day she ever got flowers. it was her birthday.

do you know how many flowers ive gotten girls?

that should be part of life.

a man should not only know what flowers to get but where to get them in various parts of the city.

and then he should be generous with that knowledge.

and in a city where we have a damn Flower Mart, no girl should reach 27 without having flowers sent to her a few times

a year