it was a good day already at 10am


woke up on time. got the car to the shop. the dude was great.

walked over to the jack in the box. sat down in there. ate an egg and bacon croissant

drank juice.

watched two people parked in their tesla watch netflix on the car’s giant ipad.

listened to a man talk on the phone in spanish.

listened to how twitter went through one rough patch after another

like an expensive plane trying to get through the turbulence and into the clear air above the clouds

it was warm but not too.

got over to hollywood n highland and walked around dave and busters

why not

theyve got some wild machines i may have to try out one day.

poked my head into hot topic because thats my boo

remembered there was a kobe mural

then i noticed there were these little signs on the ground to show you how to get there

got up to the fourth floor and there was these

two barriers stopping you from getting to where the mural was

i also saw a kid in a wheel chair with his mom

they were waiting for the elevator to take them back down

there was nothing else up there on the fourth floor

and this kid had a lakers jersey, lakers flags

and his chair was purple and gold

i said, if i move those barriers would you want to go see the mural?

his mom said we came so far to see this


so i moved the barrier

looked around

motioned them in

and they got their picture

and i got mine

may was really good, blogging wise

my goal each month is to post at least one thing a day and in may i went over.

i think part of the reason i was productive is because i wasn’t worried about the Medium blog any more, and i was sorta working for this thing, and it filled me with creative ideas, of which i gave to the thing, but i also gave to this thing.

and now that energy is spilling over to the forthcoming podcast which i will start working on this week.

today i have to wake up before 10am to go to the benz repair shop to get some things worked on that i shoulda gotten done a year(!) ago but covid.

hopefully he doesnt find a million things. and also hopefully i can fall asleep soon so i can wake up early.

i am eating creamed spinach and generic minestrone soup.

for all of 2021 i have cooked for myself. it’s a little bit of a miracle. the creamed spinach is probably a ripoff because it was $6 for two bags. you put a bag in the microwave for five minutes and out comes a good sized serving of Popeye’s favorite.

do you know i love you? i do.

the last time i had a colonoscopy the dude was all, for a guy who eats fast food as much as you claim, you are super clean in there, but one thing youve gotta do: more green leafy vegetables. and i asked, is creamed spinach ok? he said yes but take it easy on the cream.

the soup is generic low salt like old men eat. i get low salt because they say the only reason people like certain soups is because it has lots of salt in it. so this is how i judge canned soups. if it can taste good without cheating, then cool. sometimes i’ll add chicken or peas or beans to make it a real meal. sometimes i’ll air fry a thick slice of bread.

but tonight i just nuked that spinach and called it a night.

this has been a very weird first half of a year.

things have already happened that i did not expect at all.

im very curious if this podcast will make things even weirder but weird good, for the back half of this

please let it be so, God.