heres the thing about LA that visitors are confused about

LA is in a constant state of change.

demographics, housing, cars, fashion, drugs, music, art

it’s all building on itself, it’s moving and growing and

never stopping

so yes you can try to parachute in here from new york city

and you can see if your predetermined expectations are realized

but then you might make a wrong turn and see the most interesting thing

something that no magazine has ever written about

and then what do you do?

do you dare be original?

do you trust your bosses wont yell at you?

or do you just come straight out and say, LA is a caterpillar that is turning into a butterfly

and then a sports car

and then a train wreck

and then a forest fire

and then a drought

and then a race riot

and then a gang bang

and then Woodstock

and then and then and then?

or do you just say fuck that and pay attention to the one thing you loved

and report back on that

because aint no way youre gonna describe the past future and present of shit

not you

new yorker.