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I’m typing in the dark on an iPad at 152am and i cant see

My real computer is in the shop because some how i blew out one of the speakers and as they were fixing that there was something else that needed to get fixed and since its all under warranty they’re waiting for a part

So I haven’t been blogging much because that’s my baby and this is not which is why you;;;ll see how things automatically get capitalized but also weirdnessess

Everything’s coming together with the podcast. It’s a minor miracle.

I couldnt have done it without my editor Jordan. He does great work and cheerleads me which is really all i need.

I figured that’s what i need with a therapist, just someone to say you got this G

I need a weird, supportive, totally positive person who believes in me.

Watched a lot of tv today.

Cooked with these new pots and pans that are super against burning anything. Love that. They;;ll make it hot but not black.

Did some eggs potatoes cheese turkey bacon this morning and rice a roni spectacular for dinner and man.

Gotta get these pots for my mom.

Game changer.