mikeys hookups is incredible

tiny little store but they seemingly have everything.

i went in there today to get my laptop back

and there was a guy getting helped so i didnt mind walking around a little

listening to them playing REM’s first record

when i saw this on the front window

and the thing is it would be great to sell stereos and computers again

but im pretty sure i have to go all in on this podcast thing

but it is tempting, lemme tell you, because that place seems so great.

i may quit going to therapy.

its the only gloomy thing in my week each week.

she rejects me. every week. i dont need that right now. i need emotional support.

i need her to say crazy things like omg i talk to a lot of people every week and i look forward to hearing from you and asking you hard questions and watching you answer them.

kurt vonnegut tells a story, i think this is it, where on this planet the humans are in cages in the zooo

and the inhabitants of the planet are hands with an eye in the palm

and when the humans try to entertain these Tralfamadorians

they close their hand, so they wont have to see the idiocy.

i feel like shes closing her hand on me every week.

im trying to pull off a miracle.

podcasting is impacted with super talented, interesting, famous, stars.

how on earth am i going to be any reasonable sized hit in the near future?

and by the time i realize im destitute will mikeys hookup even need another person

im surprised they even need a sign that place is so great.

my only Plan B is to dress up as Darth Vader, go to Venice, and get tourists to sit on a folding chair

then i sit at the canvas and paint

but i only have one color


and it turns out im not painting portraits of them

im painting a death star

and when they ask how much

i point to a sign that says


then i flip it around

and it says

give me everything.

which im pretty sure you can do if youre dressed as darth vader