i had such a fun and beautiful day today

that when i got home i felt a little bad for someone who i interviewed a few weeks back

because he and his family have been met with so much sadness and tragedy

and then an ex cop on twitter insulted him

i know we all have good and bad days and parts of days but today was all good

first i got treated to lunch at a steakhouse in burbank my the lovely elise thompson

who has also had some sadness and tragedy in her life.

elise beautifully covered food for me and many other things at LAist and i havent seen her in far too long but i am so glad we connected again

she introduced me to the man in the photograph who i will be telling you more about later because i will be podcasting him very soon.

then i quickly got ready to go to the Cubs Dodgers game which is always such an event

i drove halfway, parked, got out, took the bus the rest of the way

or so i thought, but it turned off which is maybe why things are so bad around dodger stadium

if they even stop busses from going there maybe thats why life is so crazy around there

enjoyed the game, chatted with Doug Smith who i believe has been at the paper for 40 years. maybe longer. he’s still very dapper, in a suit, we talked a lot. he climbs trees!

we talked about sailing. traveling. concerts.

he has only seen one concert his whole life: Joe Cocker at the Hollywood Bowl.
Ben Welch put it all together. he’s got 20 people who report to him now.

met some of the new guns at the Times. solid folk.

the cubs were losing so i went down a level and talked with the people working at the dodger dog stand. one lady had worked there over 20 years. she was having a bad day so she told me everything. the cost of the food, the profit margin, the gross sales, her PIN number. fascinating.

lets just say, the Dodgers have no business selling $19 cans of beer. theyre already rolling in it.

got on the bus home. forgot that i parked back near the stadium, so i took a Lyft back, that guy was great. got home. there was a note from a pretty girl asking where i was.

and thats just a bit of what happened.

and now i wanna work but im tired.

and tomorrow imma interview the Hollywood Blvd Joker

and then take the cats in to get their annual dealie bob.

i really wish i had time to work.

because what we are doing is gooooooood.