had a good chat with the therapist

she told me she liked my idea for the podcast but was worried about its ability to make money

i said you and me both, gurl.

but then i said, ive been in jobs where the companies were in financial peril and i hung in there

the entire time i was at the LA Times they were in bankruptcy plus Chicago was trying to destroy it plus all these other entities were trying to hurt it.

this is nothing new.

whats new is i will have a smidge more control over the outcome

i wont have to have things approved

do you know how insulting i took it to have certain things approved in my life?

i was all, didnt you hire me because im the expert of this shit?

havent you seen me turn loaves and fishes into mcribs?

we got this.

and then when i did it, months later i had to do the whole approval process over again.

maybe its how i show up in the world.

maybe its because i dont speak the way they want or say the things they want

or ESP the things they wanna silently hear.

doesnt matter any more.

they’re doing their thing and i wish them well, i honestly do.

but as soon as i get this damn tape recorder which is in DTLA right now waiting for the UPS man to bring it to me

imma start living my life.